What is it?

We created Superskills box to proliferate [pro-lif-uh-rayt] advanced vocabulary building in an easy-to-use 4-minutes-a-day word-building tool pack. Our monthly subscription plan provides children the tools to create and build their own success based on their strenghtning SUPER POWER.

SuperSkillsBox… Your Super Power Language Amplifier

Each monthly SuperSkillsBox includes a roadmap to success, 2 sets of words cards, a game book full of puzzles, sticker, magnets & more.

What’s Inside

Our goal is to inspire kids to see themselves as intelligent, able to achieve anything they put their minds to and to feel confident in school. Each box contains 2 sets of words cards, one to keep and one to use on the move, a puzzle and games book, fun stickers and a refrigerator magnet.

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