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Try to imagine a color you have never seen before …. It is impossible right? It is because you do not have the words not the mental images you need to describe that color. The world around us is the same for children. They only know about things that they have heard from, seen, touched .. .anything else they simply cannot imagine because they do not know. It is our job as parents, teachers, educators to open up the world for children.

The best way to do this is by exposing children to as many opportunities to learn and to enlarge their vocabulary as possible. If someone shoed or explained the new color to you, you would know and you would probably remember it for the rest of your life. It would become active information in your daily life, in your creativity and in your imagination.

The same goes for children and learning new words. By increasing vocabulary all of a sudden they will be able to explore entire new worlds with their increased vocabulary, discover new ways of explaining things, saying things, expressing themselves, their feelings, emotions, their creativity. If you want your kids to be successful in life then you have to ensure that they learn as many vocabulary words as possible. The more they learn, the better they will be able to express themselves.

We designed the SuperSkillsBox program to be easy and fun. We spent one year in Kumon with our children, and it was a struggle EVERY DAY to get them to do it. This playful program they love. And we have witnessed amazing results.

With SuperSkillsBox we offer an easy road to success for parents and children. It is easy for parents because we have done all the thinking and the preparatory work for you. All you need to do is sign up once and your child is set until SAT’s. For children it is easy because there are fun and simple things to do every day. and it takes just 4 minutes per day (the same amount of time as brushing your teeth daily) … and with those 4 minutes children change the course of their lives and build their own success and future.

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We also deliberately choose not to offer SuperSkillsBox in any electronic format or app. As children spend more time texting, surfing online and watching tv or youtube videos they reduce their exposure as well as their interactions. Neither are conducive to healthy growth of vocabulary and other essential skills. The games and puzzles can be done individually or with others creating a fun learning environment.

An extensive vocabulary will help kids to

Children with an important vocabulary will